This was my first Unity Group meeting. It was well organized and well presented. Their guest speakers were from zSpace, a company that specializes in the creation of an interactive 3D environment. But an environment like none I’ve ever seen.

zSpace is an immersive, interactive hardware and software platform for developers and users interact in a true 3D holographic-like environment.


Do you enjoy all of the 3D movies that have been coming out in theaters? Some do. I myself find the glasses uncomfortable and unimpressed by the entire experience. Some things jump out at you, some don’t, and others are blurred.

zSampleIn the zSpace environment, everything jumps. Everything is crystal clear, even as you grab objects to move them around. That’s right, you can grab the objects with the stylus pen, bring them up to your face, rotate the object, and be able to see every detail, all in one fluid motion.

Its the kind of thing you just wont appreciate, until you try it. I was also skeptic before I put on the glasses. But once I did – WOW!

There were interesting conversations and interactions between zspace and the Unity developers. They discussed possible applications for the device. They started thinking of ways to implement it into their workflow and what could be developed.

zstationI am not a Unity developer, I am an experienced graphic designer with 17 years under my belt. I know when I see an image that I like. For example, the photos that I took of the group with the ipad for this post, are horrible. And at night they are even worse. My apologies to all. But as for the quality of the images on the zSpace virtual environment, they come second to none.

Thank you Robert and fellow organizers for this experience!

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